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What's New?

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23rd October 2018 

I have a black/white bitch puppy available to the right home, see the 
Available page for more details. 

Please e-mail me if you would like any further information.

30th August 2018 

I have a seal/white dog puppy available to the right home, see the 
Available page for more details. 

Please e-mail me if you would like any further information.

15th February 2018 

I have begun to tidy up my much neglected website :) here's a new page added for our new addition, Mercury

20th January 2016

I currently have a black and white bitch puppy available, lovely confirmation, super temperament, really well socialised and well on the way to being house trained. Ready to leave now. Suitable for show or sports or active family pet.

20th January 2014

Seamus (Starside Paddy) and Faith (Bryning True Believer) have had a beautiful litter of puppies born on the 18th January.

1 black tricolour boy, 1 blue sable boy, 2 black and white girls, 1 black tricolour girl and 2 shaded sable girls. Mum and pups are all doing well.  Please e-mail me if you are interested in a pup from this litter.

4th December 2013

It's been a difficult few months since losing Spark and I have taken the decision to downsize and will not be breeding much in the future.

I do have a couple of older collie girls looking for active retirement homes and a couple of litters due in the New Year, see the Planned Litters page for more details.

We are also hoping to have a litter of cocker puppies from Teal in the New Year, this will be my last cocker litter for the foreseeable future.

Please e-mail me if you would like any further information.

14th August 2013

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I share the tragic news that my precious boy Spark passed away on the 6th August; he suffered massive head trauma after running full pelt into a door, the vets did everything they could to try and stabilise him but the brain damage was too severe and he passed away at 3.30am the following morning.

Words simply cannot express how deeply I feel his loss, he was ‘my boy’ from the moment he was born and I feel so blessed for the 6 years I’ve had with him; not only was he a successful show dog, flyball dog and sire, developing a fanbase worldwide, but he was my best friend, he had the most gentle loving nature and always gave his all while asking nothing in return. His zest for life, boundless energy and reckless enthusiasm seems to have been his downfall in the end, bless him…my heart is breaking into a million pieces right now. Run free Sparky-Bob…mummy’s boy…I will miss your smile every day xxx

10th March 2013

Almost a year since he was last in the ring, Spark went to Crufts and placed 2nd in a huge quality Open Dog class (27 entries), thrilled to bits with that result and I think he enjoyed his day out too :o) 

18th November 2012

Exactly 12 months after her daddy (Spark) did the same thing, Viva won Limit Bitch and took the Reserve Challenge Certificate at West of England Border Collie Club Championship Show out of a large quality entry under breed speciallist judge Peter Simmons (Simmovon).  Absolutely thrilled to bits with her, she's such a little poppet!

Video of her in the ring below...

30th May
The flyball season is well underway and the dogs are running great!  We're taking a break from the showring over the summer to concentrate on flyball tournaments though.

18th March
Border Collie Club of Great Britain Champ Show at Newark...
Spark was 2nd in AOC and Preston was 2nd (and Crufts qualified for 2013) in Junior Dog under judge Kathie Kinton (Kinaway), both big strong classes.

Also had 7 dogs standard eye tests and gonioscopy examinations with Prof Bedford and they all passed :o)
They were...Jude, Preston, Boomer, Gambit, Pixie, Charm and Nala

10th March
Decided on four dogs to take to Crufts this year...Spark, Preston, Viva and Charm...both boys went unplaced under judge Carolyn Ward (Caristan) but I was really happy with them both and they both had lots of adoring fans come to see them too, we had more success with the girls under judge Vic Salt...
Charm came 2nd in a really strong Special Puppy Class of 18 entries, behind the dog that went on to take Best Puppy and RBCC, I was really pleased with her especially as she is out of coat and I had been contemplating leaving her at home! This also qualifies her for Crufts 2013 :o)
What was especially nice is that her blue merle litter sister also placed 4th in the same class.
Viva placed 4th in a HUGE Yearling class (30 entries) handled by Dita Kilsby while I was in the dog ring with Preston, this is the first time she’s been handled by anyone other than me and she went really nicely which I was really pleased about so Spark’s daughters all did him proud :o)

Trish Preston’s Haze (Bryning Indian Summer) was also in the winning YKC flyball team for the second year running, nice work Haze and her handler Daisy Harrop :o)

12th February
We had a whirlwind trip over to Belgium for the weekend to pick up our newest import, Boomer
and attend the Ambiorixtrofee International Show in Genk while we were there
Boomer placed 2nd Excellent in Junior Dog
Spark placed 4th Excellent in Open Dog
Viva was 1st Excellent in Intermediate bitch with her half sister Judy, Bryning Ebony Jade(owned by our hosts Marc and Martine) placing 2nd behind her, and then went on to win theRCAC in the bitch challenge :o)
Nala was 1st Very Promising in Puppy bitch and went on to win Best Puppy in Breed, she is the first UK resident puppy to do this following the change in the PET passport rules which now allow dogs to travel into the UK at a younger age :o)

4th February
Midland Border Collie Club Champ Show
Charm placed 4th (reserve) in Puppy Bitch; this was only her second show and the first time I’ve handled her so I was pleased with the way she went once she settled.
Spark placed 5th (VHC) in Limit Dog
Nala went unplaced in a large minor puppy class but really didn't go very well, she still seems to be unsure of herself in the ring after beign jumped on by a standard poodle at ringcraft! :o(

23rd January
Welcome to the world our latest litter of Parson Puppies! Six beautiful big healthy pups born overnight, 2 boys and 4 girls...a mix of colours and coat types.

5th January
Pics and details of the two dog puppies available from our Current Litter have been added to the Available page.

Hip and elbow scores back for Preston - 5:4 hips and 0:0 elbows and also for one of the Mac x Dazzle sons, Ripple - 3:3 hips...very pleased with those! :o)

3rd December
The Planned Litters page has been updated with details of our current border collie litter born 24th November.

Squirrel has also been mated to Wesley so parson pups expected around the end of January :o)

Spark and Kitten's son Will (Bryning Sparks Will Fly at Locheil) has been hip scored 3:3 and elbows 0:0...very pleased with that result :o)

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21st November
Spark won Limit Dog and the Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate at West Of England Championship Show, he's only been to five Champ shows this year and has placed at four of them so I'm pretty chuffed with that result! His daughter Viva also went really nicely and placed 4th in a very strong Yearling Bitch class.

Also very pleased with our new boy Boomer who at 6 months old attended his first show at Eurodog in Kortrijk over the weekend to come 2nd in Puppy Dog with an 'Very Promising' grade, Spark and Lori's daughter Judy (B. Ebony Jade) also placed 4th Excellent in Intermediate Bitch and both got a lovely report from UK judge Pat Wilkinson (Altricia)

14th November
rather behind again, we have recently moved from Preston to Oswaldtwistle so we're still in Lancashire but now a little more central. There's lots of land to run the dogs on so they're all very happy!

Viva and Charm both attended NWBCC Champ Show back in October thanks to my friends Pat and Mariah Ward who took them while we were on a Rocket Relay Flyball Training Seminar. Both girls placed 3rd in big classes so now Charm is qualified for Crufts along with Viva and Preston too! :o)

Seamus and Dottie's daughter, Chilli (Bryning On the Dot) has received a hip score of 3:3 :o)

9th August
We are back from our 16 day European Flyball Tour!! Apologies if you have e-mailed over the last couple of weeks and not had a reply…I am slowly working my way through all my messages! Hope to have new puppy photos online soon and a MAMMOTH blog update about our trip too! :o)

7th August
Preston placed 2nd in Minor Puppy Dog at his first ever show at Border Collie Club of Wales so has his Crufts Qualifier :o)
Spark was 1st in Special Open A.O.C

21st July
A bit behind again but some recent results...

Congratulations to Liz Gregson and Stanley aka Bryning Jerry Maguire (CH Alderaan Seabiscuit x Locheil Let’s Pretend at Bryning) on winning out of Novice Obedience with 4 wins and several other good placings. Keep up the good work guys! :o)

Huge congratulations to Joy and Becca Costello on winning Grade 7 jumping with Teal (Bryning Time to Shine) at Chipping Norton Agility show last weekend and then also winning Grade 4 agility with Wren (Bryning Goldfinch) to win into Grade 5…Wren’s daughter (and Teal’s half sister) Chewy (Aviary Atlantis) also won Grade 3 agility to win her into Grade 4…quite a weekend!

Pleased to report that 'Gene' aka Bryning Ashes to Ashes at Starside has scored 5:5 on his hips and 0:0 on his elbows :o)

21st June
no updates for a while, sorry!

The Available page has been updated with details of puppies and adult border collies available to new homes.

I must say HUGE congratulations to Sharon Reeder and the gorgeous Max (Bryning Bright Star) for winning into Grade 6 in style with three grade 5 agility wins over the past few weeks!

My lovely little Viva qualified for Crufts at SKC Champ show on the 21st May with a 2nd in Junior Bitch :o)

New pages added for Preston, Charm and Boomer

12th April
One of the saddest days here I can ever remember. Last night we had to say goodbye to my beautiful baby boy Drift after a tragic accident at home. The vets fought hard to save him but it was just too much for his little body and he slipped away. Rest in Peace precious boy, you will be very sadly missed.

Drift sleeping in one of his more unusual 'comfy' spots

9th April
Michelle Giles and the lovely Haze (Bryning Summer Breeze) continued their recent winning ways with a win in Grade 2 Agility and 3rd in 1-3 combined Agility at Shuttleworth...well done girls and best of luck in Grade 3!

3rd April
Orienne and her lovely working cocker Murphy (Bryning Makin' Trouble) won medium Grade 5 Agility to take them into Grade 6! Well done guys...keep up the good work!

6th March
North West Border Collie Club Open Show
Spark 1st in AOC Dog (7/0)
Viva 4th in Puppy Bitch (9/0)
Jovi 4th in Novice Bitch
Flurrie (Bryning Blue Sapphire) 4th in AOC bitch (7/0)

Spark and his daughter Viva at North West Border Collie Club (Spark photo by Sue Tranter, Viva by Pat Ward)

East of Scotland Canine Society Jack (Bryning the Jean Genie at Glendream) was 2nd in graduate breed class and best AV pastoral puppy

Congratulations also to Vicki Warwick and Diesel (Bryning Don't Stop me Now at Ruffs) on their Grade 5 Agility win taking them into Grade 6!

5th March
Border Collie Club of wales Open Show
Spark 2nd in AOC Dog (7/0)
Viva VHC in Puppy Bitch (10/0)
Jovi 2nd in Novice Bitch (7/0) - her first ever show...well done JoJo!
Faith 1st in Post Graduate Bitch (5/0)

27th February
Paul and Jack (Bryning the Jean Genie at Glendream) are on a roll at the moment! They had a great day at Catrine Open show with Jack winning Best of Breed from two strong breed classes, Pastoral Group 2, 1st AV Pastoral Puppy, Puppy Group 1 and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!

5th February
We spent the day at Midland Border Collie Club Championship show, Spark placed 3rd in a strong Open Dog class and his son Gene (Bryning Ashes to Ashes) also place 3rd in Puppy Dog.

Gene's brother Jack (Bryning the Jean Genie at Glendream) and Paul Fitzsimmons had a great day at Caledonian Open Show too, from 5 well supported border collie classes they won the puppy class, best puppy in breed, best of breed and pastoral puppy group 1!

Jack at Calendonian

11th December
LKA...the last Championship Breed show of the year and Spark won his first Open Class (18 entered/3 abs) under breed speciallist judge Pat Wilkinson (Altricia); thanks to Eric Broadhurst for handling him for me :o)

Spark winning Open Dog at LKA 2010 (pic by Cathy Saxon)

27th November
Huge Congratulations to Vicki Warwick and Diesel (Bryning Don't Stop me Now at Ruffs) on their first place in Grade 4 agility at Hare n Hounds winning into Grade 5, they didn't stay in Grade 4 for very long! They also managed a 6th in the 1-7 jumping, 7th in the 1-7 BC agility and a 2nd in Grade 4 jumping. Not a bad day!

13th November
HUGE Congratulations to Sally Stephens and Digger (Bryning the Golden Ticket) on coming 3rd in the Kennel Club Starters Cup Final held at Discover Dogs at Earls Court, London over the weekend!

Sally & Digger at Discover Dogs 2010

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7th November
What a fabulous day we had up at Scottish Border Collie Club Show!

Dottie came 4th in a large quality Open Bitch class (19 entries) under breed specialist judge Bev Smith (Terveley)

Under breed specialist judge Sue Large (Wizaland)...
Jack (Bryning the Jean Genie) was 3rd in Minor puppy dog qualifying him for Crufts.
Aston was 3rd in his last puppy class (he is 1 tomorrow)
Spark won a large quality Limit Dog class (17 entries) and then went on to win the Challenge Certificate! So proud of my boy! :o)

20th October
Here's some video of 'The Cock Ups', our all cocker starter team we ran at Newark over the weekend...

Travis - Charlie (B. Brock) - Tally (B. Totally Trouble) - Tarka

Charlie (B. Brock) - Tally (B. Totally Trouble) - Radley (B. Truly Radley Deeply) - Tarka

What clever cockers!! :o)

17th October
Congratulations to Vicki Warwick and Diesel, Bryning Don’t Stop me Now at Ruffs (Rhett x Quinn) on winning into Grade 4 in style at Spalding Agility Show with two agility wins on consecutive days as well as 3rd in Combined 3-5 jumping and 3rd in the Combine 1-3 Jumping! Woo Hoo!!

Here's a vid of the C1-3 Jumping...

30th September
Congratulations to Vicki Warwick and Diesel, Bryning Don’t Stop me Now at Ruffs (Rhett x Quinn) on their 2nd in the Alpha Agility Final and Claire Bacon and Ty, Bryning Blue Diamond (Mac x Kes) on their 3rd in the CSJ Agility final, this is the 2nd year they’ve qualified and placed in this event…well done girls!

20th September
The flyball and agility seasons are drawing to a close but a huge congratulations from the weekend to...

Sian Illingworth and Flick (Bryning Cinnamon Teal - Mac x Kes) on gaining that final Grade 6 agility win to take them to Grade 7 and Championship classes...

Orienne Langley-Sadler and her working cocker Murphy (Bryning Makin' Trouble - Drake x Teal) on their win in Medium Grade 4 Agility taking them to Grade 5...

Megan Meade and Duffy (Bryning Time Will Tell - Bond x Lori) on a 4th and 9th in Grade 3 Agility at their first Grade 3 show!

Well done girls...I know how much work you've all put in to achieve this! :o)

Murphy - Bryning Makin' Trouble, with his wins from the weekend at Easington

Duffy - Bryning Time WIll Tell

6th September
Well, where to start on the recent Agility results…I’m bound to forget some because people have had some really great results and I have a memory like a sieve!

Firstly…the blonde dogs… lol

Sally and Digger (Bryning the Golden Ticket - Oz x Quinn) qualified for and came 7th in the starters cup final at the KC International Festival qualifying them for the final at Discover Dogs at Earls Court in November.

Sue Choux and Rush (Bryning Goldrushed – Oz x Quinn) got their third jumping win along with a first in agility too to win convincingly into Grade 4; Rush also joined his ‘sister’ Sassy (Sue’s older dog) to win the Large Nations Cup Agility at the KC International festival…way to go Sue!

Hannah Maidwell and the gorgeous chief (Bryning All Time High – Bond x Lori) continued their winning ways by winning into Grade 6; this is their first season competing so well done guys!

Junior Handler Megan Meade and her little blonde bombshell Duffy (Bryning Time Will Tell – Bond x Lori) had a great run of results on the couple of days they competed at Northern Agility week with three clear runs on the Monday winning both Grade 2 Agility and Grade 2 Jumping and two more clear runs on the Friday winning both the Grade 2 jumping and Large 1-7 Time Fault and Out! What a great partnership!

Sharon Reeder and the gorgeous Max (Bryning Bright Star – Ethan x Dazzle (Spark’s litter brother)) have also had another great run of results recently and won into Grade 5 at West Lakes show following (another!) lay off with a stitched up foot! As well as winning the Grade 4 Agility he also came 2nd in combined 4/5 agility, 3rd in combined 4/5 agility and 6th in the combined 4/5 jumping so not a bad comeback!

Although they’ve been to very few shows lately, Joy Costello and Teal (Bryning Time to Shine – Bond x Spangle) came 2nd in Grade 7 agility and 4th in the mini mixi pairs at Letchworth over the weekend :o)

Brenda Tenten and Bryn (Bryning Truly Special – Lloyd x Lexie) gained a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th in agility classes of various gradings and combinations at Hare n Hounds Show also gaining enough points for his Bronze Agility Warrant and progression to Grade 5.

Veronica Wilson and Ice (Bryning Osprey - Mac x Kes) had a 5th and 6th in Grade 3 Agility at the KC International Festival gaining enough points to progress to Grade 4.

And for the second time in the last 3 years the fabulous duo of Nancy Hudson and ‘Naughty Niamh’ (Bryning Red Rascal – Mac x Molly) had a cracking run at the City of Birmingham Olympia Semi’s to qualify for the finals at the prestigious Horse of the Year show in December…well done girls!

And not to be outdone by all the border collies, Jordan Windsor and his medium cocker spaniel Magic (Bryning Makin’ Magic – Drake x Teal) have had a cracking couple of months…

WINNING the YKC medium jumping at the KC International Festival to qualify for Crufts; coming 5th overall heights in the International Young handler at the International Festival after 3 grilling rounds and 2 days competing. 2nd at Dogs in Need in the medium U12 YKC ADOTY qualifying for Crufts and 1st in the YKC medium U12 ADOTY at the City of Birmingham show on Sat qualifying for Crufts again in this class. Well done boys!

If I have missed anyone I’m really sorry!! Just drop me an e-mail and give me a kick! lol

19th July
Weekend Agility News from Rugby
Michelle and Haze, Bryning Summer Breeze (Oz x Pipit) get their first clear round to finish 2nd in The Agility Club grade 1-2 class and qualify for the final!

Sian and Flick, Bryning Cinnamon Teal (Mac x Kes)really are on fire! They get their 3rd consecutive Grade 6 agility win and now just need one more to take them to Grade 7 (Advanced)...way to go girls!

17th July
New video of Aston added to his page.

17th July
Marline and Skayla, Bryning Super Girl (Quillan x Lexie) will be representing Switzerland at the European Open Agility in the Czech Republic next week; they have also just qualified for the finals of the Swiss Championships! Wishing them the best of luck!

14th July
New pics of the Available puppies. 1 black/white girl (Spark x Lori) and 2 black/white boys (Spark x Mercy), have had first vaccinations and are ready to go.

AGILITY NEWS (while I was away)
I am quite, quite sure I have missed some out here but I am struggling to keep track of what everyone’s up to! lol

Dashin Dogs
Vicki and Diesel (Bryning Don’t Stop me Now at Ruffs – Rhett x Quinn) had a 2nd and a 3rd in Grade 3 jumping and a 2nd in Grade 3 agility too.
Veronica and Ice (Bryning Osprey – Mac x Kes) had 2 x 7th places in Grade 3 agility and 4th in Grade 3 jumping

RVA, Just Dog’s Live
Vicki and Diesel (Bryning Don’t Stop me Now at Ruffs – Rhett x Quinn) had a 6th in Grade 3 jumping and a 5th in Grade 3 agility.

Diamond Agility Show, Somerset
Claire and Ty (Bryning Blue Diamond – Mac x Kes) had a 1st in Grade 5 agility, this was their last weekend at Grade 5 so good luck to them in Grade 6.
Sian and Flick (Bryning Cinnamon Teal – Mac x Kes) had another win in Grade 6 agility, again by over 2 secs!! Half way to Advanced now!
Sue and Rush (Bryning Goldrushed – Oz x Quinn) won Grade 3 jumping, this is his second jumping win

High Peak, Derbyshire
Hannah and Chief (Bryning All Time High – Bond x Lori) finished their last Grade 4 weekend in style with 3 agility wins and 2 jumping wins. Wishing them the best of luck in Grade 5 :o)

East Lothian
Erin and Surf (Bryning Time to Fly – Bond x Lori) also had her first KC show and got a 3rd in the YKC team…well done girls!

Landsdown Agility Show
Claire and Ty (Bryning Blue Diamond – Mac x Kes) won G5 jumping and were promoted to Grade 6…well done guys.
Sian and Flick (Bryning Cinnamon Teal – Mac x Kes) had her first Grade 6 agility win, winning the class by 2 seconds!! This is the first of their required 4 wins towards Grade 7 (Advanced)

Lune Valley Agility Show
Hannah and Chief (Bryning All Time High – Bond x Lori) had 2 x 1sts and a 2nd at Lune Valley, taking him to Grade 5 and gaining his AW Bronze

Joy and Wren (Bryning Goldfinch - Oz x Quinn) were 2nd in Grade 3 Jumping

Becca and Teal were 2nd in Grade 7 Jumping and 2nd Combined 6/7 Agility

Becca and Teal (Bryning Time to Shine - Bond x Spangle) were 2nd in Grade 7 Agility, Joy and Teal were also 2nd in the small/mixi pairs heat with Cheryl and Misiu (min. poodle),
Joy and Wren (Bryning Goldfinch - Oz x Quinn)were 3rd in Grade 3 agility.

26th May
Some new photos of Eabha

17th May
Three week old pics of Spark and Lori's pups Here

Congratulations again to Sue Choux and 'Rush' aka Bryning Goldrushed (Oz x Quinn) on winning the Grade 3-5 Adams Derby at Worcester...seems they're on a roll!! :o)

11th May
New pics of Aston, now six months old.

10th May
Congratulations to Sue Choux and 'Rush' aka Bryning Goldrushed (Oz x Quinn) on winning Grade 3 jumping at Tonbridge Wells over the weekend.

New pics of the puppies available from Radleys litter (working cockers), now 6 weeks old HERE, one black girl, one black & white boy and one black, white & tan boy.

6th May 2010
Sadly we lost one of Mercy's puppies over the weekend, the tiny black and white girl :o(

Tammy's puppies arrived on their due date, four little miracles...1 slate merle girl, 2 blue merle boys and 1 black & white boy.
...more details HERE

We had a good weekend over at Drax and managed to win Division One of the multibreed again with our second team coming 4th in Div 1 too. The 'Diverse Demonz' smashed their seed time to run 17.84 making them the second fastest multibreed team in the UK :o)

The youngsters...Maisie, Fynn and Jovi all ran well in starters too :o)

Congratulations to Sian Illingworth and 'Flick' aka Bryning Cinnamon Teal (Mac x Kes) on following up last weeks' win in Grade 5 agility with two more wins in G5 agility and one in G5 jumping at Dordale making them well and truly Grade 6.

Also another big 'WELL DONE' to Nancy Hudson and the lovely Naughty Niamh aka Bryning Red Rascal (Mac x Molly) on their first win in Grade 7 jumping at Dordale...fully story HERE

Congratulations also to all the other Brynings and handlers who placed well over the weekend...keep up the good work guys! :o)

April 2010

Mercy's puppies have arrived, bang on due date.
Three black & white girls, three black & white boys, two blue merle boys and one blue merle girl.
...more details HERE

Lori's puppies have arrived!! A few days late but all fat and healthy :o)
Three blue girls, three black girls, two blue merle boys and a slate merle boy...more details HERE

Flyball News...
Ethan, Dylan, Faith and Teal all received their Silver Awards over Easter!!

Lexie also finally received her Platinum Award :o)

Agility News...
Huge congratulations to Hannah Maidwell and Chief aka Bryning All Time High (Bond x Lori) on winning out of Grade of luck in Grade 4!!

Also a big 'WELL DONE' to Nancy Hudson and the lovely Naughty Niamh aka Bryning Red Rascal (Mac x Molly) on doing so well in their first Champ classes, a clear in both the agility and jumping saw them make the final where they came 6th!! Full story and video of the final run HERE.

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Spark in the line up during the Dog Challenge

After winning a huge Limit Dog class (28 dogs entered / 3 absent) Spark went on to win the Reserve Challenge Certificate; he's my first homebred dog to attain this award and to do it at Crufts where the entry was so big (474 entries in total) was just fantastic. Chuffed to bits with 'my boy' :o)

6th March
Rico has passed both his standard eye test and gonioscopy exam with flying colours :o)

18th February
The Available page and Planned Litters page have been updated.

8th February
New pics and video of Parson pups at six weeks old...very cute :)
There are puppies available from this litter.

1st December
New video of
Dottie's pups at six weeks old...very cute :)

New videos of
Dazzle's pups and Lexie's pups at three weeks old enjoying their first solid meals.

11th November
New individual photos added of all the puppies
Dottie's pups at 3 weeks
Dazzle's newborn pups
Lexie's newborn pups

10th November
Lexie and Tally's pups arrived overnight!! 5 days early. 3 boys, 2 blue and 1 black, all doing fine.

Lexie's boys

9th November
Viggo and Dazzles' pups arrived overnight!
3 blue/white boys, 2 blue/white girls, 2 slate merle girls

a pile of blue babies....

5th November
New pics added to the Current Litter page, pups now 2 weeks old.

31st October
New page added for Tarka

New page added for Other litters by Viggo

24th October
Viggo's hip and elbow results are back from the BVA, they are 3:4 and 0:0
Very pleased with those :)

Seamus and Dottie's puppies have arrived, 3 girls and 4 boys, more details on the Current Litter page

6th October
Viggo's hip score is back from the BVA, he is 3:4 total 7 - very pleased with that! (the current breed average is 13)

18th September
Spark placed 3rd in Limit Dog at Darlington Championship Show (18 entered/4abs)
Judge - breed specialist, Morten Mathes (Gawain Border Collies, Denmark)

sparkle -
12th September
What a day we had at Richmond Champ Show under breed specialist judge Toni Jackson (Elbereth)
Mouse placed 4th (reserve) in Minor Puppy Bitch at just 6 months and 10 days old (9 entries/0 abs)

Dottie WON Limit Bitch (16 entries/1 abs), thereby gaining her studbook number (and lifetime Crufts qualification)
She then went on to the bitch challenge and won the Reserve CC!!

I’m so proud of my little girl!!

Here she is…

Dottie after winning the Res CC at Richmond

11th September
The Available page has been updated

7th September
The Planned Litters page has been updated

6th September
Huge congratulations to Claire Bacon and Ty, Bryning Blue Diamond (Mac x Kes) on winning Grade 4 agility at Prestbury Park today, this now takes them up to Grade 5.

5th September
We won division 1 at Norfolk Park Flyball tournament running a fastest time of 17.90 with Dylan, Bailey, Faith and Teal, we than ran 17.91 in the next race with Lexie in place of Faith...keeping it in the family! lol

We also won the starters running Squirrel and Radley in a Mix and Match team.

4th September
Well, we didn't have to keep our fingers crossed for too long!! Nancy and Niamh (Bryning Red Rascal) won Grade 6 jumping to get their final win towards Grade 7 today at Letchworth...brilliant!!

Becca and Teal (Bryning Time to Shine) also came 2nd in their Olympia Semi at Stoneleigh so will be competing at the prestigious Horse of the Year Show in December. Well done girls!

Viggo went for his hip and elbow x-rays today, all looking good so we expect some nice results back from the BVA in a few weeks.

1st September
Our latest litter of cocker puppies have been born!!

Maizy has had a litter to Rupert (Silvertips Knight of Danalimatt).

We have 1 blue roan/tan boy, 1 blue roan/tan girl, 2 solid black/tan girls and 1 black/tan girl with a white bib. Please see the Litter Page for more details. Pics to be added later.

30th August
Spark gains his stud book number in his first Limit class at SKC under breed specialist Ann Jordan.
Thanks Heather and Julia for taking him for me :)

His son, Locheil Once in a Blue Moon, wins Minor Puppy dog and Best Puppy Dog and his daughter, Locheil Tell me a Story is 3rd in Minor Puppy bitch and qualifies for crufts :)

29th August
Well done to Nancy Hudson and 'Naughty Niamh' (Bryning Red Rascal) on their third Grade 6 agility win at Dordale today. Only one more win to go Grade 7!

27th August
The Flyball Dogs and Agility Dogs pages have been updated.

A new page has been added for Rhu aka Canen Kanga.

26th August
A Working Cocker Colours page has been added

25th August
The Planned Litters page has been updated and a new page has been added for Travis

30th July
The Available page has been updated.

6th July
Big well done to Sharon and the fabulous Max (Bryning Bright Star)…following on from their 8 first places in Grade 1 over the last few weeks, they went on to win into grade 3 in their very first grade 2 class up at Barrow over the weekend! He really is a little star!

Becca and Teal - Bryning Time to Shine won Grade 7 jumping at Wellingborough, nice one girls :)

Not to be outdone by the collies…Orienne and Murphy (Bryning Makin’ Trouble) won medium grade 3 agility at the same show to win them into grade 4!! Yay…go the cockers!!

Although we didn’t have a terribly successful flyball weekend at the Dogs Unleashed event at Newark showground… Drake did win the gundog scurry on Saturday, beating all the collies and trained gundogs and actually set a time that was unbeaten over the whole weekend! I really wish I had the time to do some proper gundog training with him as he obviously has a very natural aptitude for it and he’s very very fast!

Dylan then went onto win the same event the following day (only not as fast as Drake lol)

Maizy has been mated to Rupert (Silvertips Knight of Danalimatt), all being well we should have puppies born around the 4th September

29th June
Big ‘WELL DONE’ to Nancy Hudson and ‘Naughty Niamh’ (Bryning Red Rascal) on their 2nd win towards grade 7 at Lune Valley at the weekend…just 2 more to go!

24th June
Huge congratulations to Julie and Drew; in the last week Drew has taken and passed all 4 levels of the kennel club good citizen scheme – Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold - at the tender age of just 6 months and 5 days. What a clever lad!! 

There are black/white dog puppies available from Sparks’ current litter; see the Available page for more details.

16th June
The Available page has been updated

15th June
Agility News from the weekend...

Sharon and Max (Bryning Bright Star) have definitely confirmed their win out of grade 1 now with a win in combined 1-2 agility at Otley this weekend to go on top of their 3 jumping wins from the last couple of weeks..way to go Sharon!

Claire Bacon and Ty (Bryning Blue Diamond) also won into Grade 4 this weekend at Thames agility show where Amanda Pigg and Twix (Bryning Rise n Shine) also won grade 6 jumping, their first win towards grade 7…well done girls!! :)

Here's Twix posing with her trophy (which is made of glass so a little hard to see) and rosette...maybe not so blonde after all ;)

Flyball News from the weekend...
The Demon Racers featuring Mac, Bailey, Lexie and Dottie won their division again at Rotherham with good consistent times all day in spite of the heat.

The Live Wires flyball team ran a new seed time of 16.91secs at Rotherham this weekend with start dog Tarn (Bryning Tarn) running consistent 4.0 and sub 4 sec times all day, she’s a little star!

Obedience News from the weekend...
Alison Quartermass and Finn (Bryning Fly me to the Moon) won Beginners at Danesford Obedience DTC.
here's the judges report...

Megan Meade and Duffy (Bryning Time Will Tell) won Pre-beginners at St Mary's obedience show. This was only their 3rd ever show, they've had 2nd and 4th at the previous two so well done Megan! :)
pic of the smiling pair...

8th June
We're back from our 16 day flyball tour to the European Flyball Championships in Beerzel, Belgium!!

Full report on the blog but here's a pic of all the dogs that competed with their medals...

all the dogs that ran at EFC 2009 in Beerzel, Belgium

Left to Right - Teal, Pip, Dottie, Mac, Bailey, Lexie, Faith, Ethan, Drake

Lots of agility news to catch up on while we were away...

Becca Costello and Teal - Bryning Time to Shine (Bond X Spangle) won another Grade 7 agility at PADS

Sharon Reeder and Max - Bryning Bright Star (Ethan X Dazzle) won out of grade 1 with a jumping win at Wigton followed by another 2 at Cartmel...well done Sharon!

Skayla - Bryning Super Girl and Diuk - Bryning Super Clean (Quillan X Lexie) both turned 18 months old and made their agility debuts out in Switzerland and ran really well...Marline and Skayla ran clear to come 3rd in the jumping...videos of both runs below...

Litter sister River also made her flyball debut with Tyne Tailwaggers and ran really well earning her first flyball points

22nd May - Eye testing Clinic at Riverbank Vets
The following dogs are all now tested clear for their standard eye tests and gonioscopy tests...
Spark, Viggo, Lexie, Faith, Lori, Dottie, Dazzle, Kitten, Tammy, Eabha, Orlaith and Teal. Squirrel also passed her adult eye test.

Drake and Mac both failed their gonioscopy tests. They have both been withdrawn from stud and I would recommend that all progeny from either of them be tested.

Other Brynings to have been eye tested and gonioscopy tested clear are...
Wren - Bryning Goldfinch (Oz x Quinn)
Indi - Bryning Little Red Indian (Mac X Molly)
Lola - Bryning Love in a Mist at Croxlea (Junnu X Pipit)
Echo - Bryning Superstellar (Quillan X Lexie)
Charlie - Bryning Bright Light (Ethan X Dazzle)
Radley - Bryning Truly Radley Deeply (Drake X Teal)
Murphy - Bryning Makin' Trouble (Drake X Teal)

14th May
New pics added of Mouse and Monkee

11th May
New pic added to Tammys' page and and update added to the Available page

8th May
I've added a new page for our 'guest' Tammy, she will be staying with us for a while and will hopefully be having a litter to Spark late summer.

I've also added a new page for Sparks' progeny and updated the Planned Litters page

1st May
A good day for the 'Brynings' at WBSDS agility show last weekend.

Claire and Ty (Bryning Blue Diamond) won the grade 1-7 helter skelter...

Nancy and Niamh (Bryning Red Rascal) won Grade 6 agility, giving them their first win towards advanced (grade 7)

Well done girls! :)

Ty and Niamh are both Mac kids :)

Thought I'd also share these pics of the beautiful Spark daughters from the Locheil litters...

Spark daughters

'Story' (blue merle) is pictured at 14 weeks old; she is out of Evie, Locheil Victoria's Secret.

'Erin' (black/white) is pictured at 16 weeks old; she is out of Daisy, Locheil Sheer Delight

21st April
The Available page has been updated

25th March
The Current Litter page has been updated with pics of the pups now 3 weeks old.

15th March
A new page has been added for Dora

12th March
New pics have been added to Spark and Ricos' pages...

The Current Litter page has been updated with details of Rico and Faiths' pups.

8th March
Spark gets placed 3rd in Yearling Dog at Crufts (21 ent/3 abs) under judge Mrs S Clark

Spark on the move in the big ring (pic courtesy of Judit Novak)

Spark's brother Max (Bryning Bright Star) has received a hip score of 4:3 which makes all 3 boys scored from that litter so far a total of 7!

6th March
The Available page has been updated.

2nd March
Hazel and Indi got their second Beginners win at Reedyford Obedience show and their first ever write up on obedienceuk, by judge Roy Page:

“1st 97½ pts. Hazel Kitching and her almost 2 year old Border Collie Bitch BRYNING INDIAN LARK. A super round from Hazel and Indi. She’s a lovely little bitch with lots of energy and attitude and together they produced the best heelwork of the day. Only her 5th show and I understand this was already her second Beginner win – and a well-deserved one it was. Easy to see why, although they had some tough opposition today. Congratulations and my very best wishes for the season ahead.”

and 2nd in this class was....
2nd 97¼ pts. Alison Quatermass and her 4 year old Border Collie Dog BRYNING FLY ME TO THE MOON. A false start in Heel Free cost this team the red card today – maybe just a little lack of confidence. Finny should go on to gain the win fairly soon I would think if this form is anything to go by. Well done – won the run-off to gain this richly deserved place.

Well done guys :)

27th February
Spark, Lexie and Faith all went for gonioscopy examinations today and were all passed 'unaffected'

I have added a new section on 'Narrow Angle Glaucoma' to the Border Collie Health page which briefly explains about the disease and the test.

The rest of our dogs will be tested as part of a group clinic next month.

24th February
Kittens' hip score is back already and she is 6:6 total 12 :)

22nd February
The Available page has been updated.

12th February
Catching up on some 'International News' lol
* Sunny's dad Ricky (Pawtails Hot Buttered) is now an Australian Champion. Congratulations to Chris and Jo at Pawtails.

* Spice aka Bryning Supersonic who is a Lexie daughter living with Ann Eiserman at Doggone Border Collies out in Belgium, just received her offical Belgian Hip Score of A2, she is also scored 0 for elbows and shoulders. Great news for Ann!! :)

9th February
Back online after moving house!
A new page has been added for Drew

28th January
The Available page has been updated.

26th January
The Other Litters by Spark page has been updated.

5th January
Have added a new page for Maizy

2nd January
The Other Litters by Spark page has been updated.

8th December
The Speed Demonz win Division One at Doncaster!

Vicki and Diesel win Best Puppy in show at East Anglia Border Collie Club Open Show

Vicki and D after winning best puppy at EABCC open show

4th December
Oz and Nell's pups have arrived, 1 chocolate boy, 1 blue merle girl (with lovely big dilution patches, very striking!), 3 black tricolour girls and 1 black and white girl. Mum and babies all doing fine.

The Other Litters by Oz page has been updated with pics/details of this litter and the Bracken pups at 10 days old

21st Oct
The Planned Litters page has been updated

5th Oct
Such a sad day here as our dear Spangle died peacefully in her sleep this evening. It was a real shock to us all, she had been for a lovely walk through the woods this afternoon and was absolutely full of beans. The vet thinks she had a heart attack in her sleep and knew nothing about it which is such a blessing but she will be sadly missed by everyone. What a great girl she has been and what a great legacy she leaves behind. Rest well sweet girl.

24th Sept
Updates made to Spark and Squirrel's pages.

22nd Sept
A new page added for our new guest!!
Introducing Sea
Pol JCH Lux JCH Pol CH Slo CH Alderaan Seabiscuit...

13th Sept
Darlington Champ Show, Judge - Mrs Suzanne Large (Wizaland)
Spark - 1st in Junior Dog
Eabha - 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch - CRUFTS QUALIFIED
(her first show at 6 months and 2 days old...bless!)
Kitten - 3rd in Junior Bitch - CRUFTS QUALIFIED
Faith - 4th (Reserve) in Yearling Bitch

HUGE Congratulations to Hazel Kitching and Indy (Bryning Indian Lark) on winning Beginners at Stanhope Obedience today!!
Talented and gorgeous to boot!
Read more on Hazel's blog.

1st Sept
Congratulations to Joy and Teal on winning Combined 6/7 Agility at Trent Park yesterday, the last win needed to go grade 7 (Advanced)!! Woo Hoo...well done girls!!

Some New photos of Viggo at 5 half months old.

20th August
Hip Scores back from the BVA...
Spark - Bryning Bright Spark - 5:2 total 7 (elbows 0:0)
Flynn - Bryning Bright Future - 4:3 total 7 (elbows 1:1)
Dylan - Bryning Truly Magic - 3:6 total 9
Faith - Bryning True Believer - 3:8 total 11
Scot - Bryning Black Grouse - 5:3 total 8

Very pleased with all those :))

19th August
Congratulations to Hazel for her results at Sunday's obedience match at Skernedale. Indy (B. Indian Lark) won beginners after a very tight run off with...Felix (B. Feadh Ree)! 45 dogs in the class, Inds got 1st and Felix 2nd! Way to go Hazel!

11th August
Big congratulations to 11 year old Lucy and Bryning Tarn on their win in Special pre-begginers obedience at Newton Heath yesterday; their first real show, losing only 1 and a quarter marks. This means they have qualified for the semi-final in Scotland in October, the final to be held at Crufts. (giving mum Marina and Zephyr a run for their money no doubt! lol)

9th August
The Available page has been updated.

8th August
Congratulations to Becca and Teal on winning Grade 6 jumping at the KC International Festival today, a class containing 278 dogs!

more news...
Huge congrats to Nancy and 'Naughty Niamh' on qualifying for Olympia today!!

4th August
Oz has received his BFA Silver Award...way to go Ozzy!!

21st July
Just heard that after many, many placings Marina and Zepher (B. Bounce Right Back) got their first Beginners win at The BCCGB obedience show at Oldham last weekend. One more and it will be Novice and A, so pleased for them both!

Congratulations to Mand and Twix (B. Rise n Shine) on their 2nd in the Grade 5 agility and 1st in G5 jumping at Newlands over the weekend, winning them into Grade 6; well done also to Becca with her 3rd in G6 agility with Teal at Chippy show and also to Vicki and Diesel, passing his bronze good citizen at 17 weeks old.

18th July
Congratulations to Becca and Teal on qualifying for an Olympia Semi at the weekend and also to Julie with Flynn on passing his KC Good Citizen Gold Award last night! :)

3rd July
The Available page has been updated.

2nd July
Hip Scores back for Rico 5:7 total 12; Digger 4:5 total 9 and Wren 3:7 total 10. All very nice scores so pleased with those :))

29th June
Another win for Manda and the lovely Twix in Grade 5 jumping at St Edwards and an Olympia Semi qualifier for Nancy and Niamh too. Well done girls :)

23rd June
News from the weekend...

Blackpool was a bit of a disaster all round, see my blog entry for more details!

Manda and the lovely Twix (B Rise n Shine) won Grade 5 jumping at Bretons...well done girls!!

Becca and Teal had a lovely run in G6/7 agility at Watford which put Teal into the lead and on course for her 4th win needed to go Grade 7, where she stayed until Becca then ran Wiz and knocked her off first place! lol...quite an achievement for Becca to come 1st and 2nd in a large quality class with two very different dogs. Both girls are now on 3 wins each so fingers crossed they'll both get that 4th win soon!

Sally and Digger entered their first ever show (unaffiliated as he's only 16 months old) and got a clear round and rosette in Nursery Jumping, a lovely result for two newcomers to the sport.

Dock Diving...
A sport I'm not really familiar with as it seems to be concentrated in the south at the moment, but would love to have a go at!
Here's working cocker spaniel pup Magic (Bryning Makin Magic) at 7 months old having his first go...

Magic - dock diving - 7 months-2

Magic - dock diving - 7 months-1


and here's Kerena's report...
'We entered him in the speed retrieval. He did very well completing his retrieve in 11 seconds to come 17th. He is definitely going to give big brother (who was second with 8 seconds - 1st was 7.58) some serious competition in the years to come. He did beat big brother and came 6th in the multi retrieve with 6 retrieves in 1 minute. He also came 10th in the multi retrieve the previous day. Not bad at all.'
(thanks Kerena and Jordan for the update and pics!)

22nd June
New pic added of Eabha (the naughty little minx!)

13th June
New pics of Drake and Fern's puppies, aren't they just gorgeous!!

e-mail Tracy and Ivan if you are interested in one of these pups

10th June
pages updated for...
Olive; Kitten; Faith, Spark and Dazzle

28th May
New pics of Jude and Olive

27th May
Another good weekend away flyballing with another Division One win! :)

Becca and Teal had a brilliant start to Supadogs (before it got rained off!) with a win in Grade 6 jumping and Grade 6/7 agility! Only one more agility win to go to make Advanced (grade 7)...way to go Becca and Doodle!

Drake and Fern's puppies have arrived, liver/tan and black/tan girls and boys available, see the Available Puppies page for more details.

23rd May
Some updates on the Flyball Dogs Gallery

We had a great flyballing weekend at Sutton Fields with 4 first places and the Rebels winning Division One with a fastest time of 17.71secs making them the 3rd fastest team in the country at the moment; this team included Mac, Oz and Dylan.
Dylan also gained his flyball dog award and Aztec got her Intermediate.(very proud!!) :))

13th May
New pics of Jude added to his page and 3 new pages added for Eabha, Viggo and Orlaith pics of Quinn's pups now 7 weeks old. There are a couple of pups available from this litter.

11th May
Well done to Becca and Teal on her second Grade 6 win at Tunbridge Wells show just one week after her first; only two more wins to Grade 7!

8th May
The Border Collie Health Page has been updated with an article on Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD)

6th May
A busy weekend...flyballing Saturday and Sunday in Cheshire...all dogs running well with Faith making her debut with a paw perfect performance and winning straight out of starters.

Then on to East Anglia Border Collie Club Championship show on Monday...
Faith - 3rd in Yearling bitch (Crufts qualified for 2009)
Dazzle - 3rd in AOC Bitch
Spark - 2nd in Puppy Dog (Crufts qualifed for 2009) and 3rd in AOC Dog
Ethan - 5th in Post Graduate Dog

Some new pics of our Cocker babies growing up.

3rd May
Teal (Bryning Time to Shine) has her first win in G6 Jumping with Becca Costello. This win, plus a 2nd in G6 Agility that she won the same day, gives her enough points for her Gold Agility Warrant.

2nd May
The Available Puppies page has been updated.

29th April
News from Sweden...
At his first unofficial show on Saturday (aged nearly 5 months), Snö was awarded Prize of Honour, BOB-pup and BIG-pup
...a good start for this young boy who is destined for a career in agility :)

Maria with Snö on the right and his pal Marwin with owner Jenny on the left.

28th April
A couple of new pics added to the Offspring Gallery.

24th April
A couple of new pics of Rico added to his page.

12th April
A couple of new pics of Spark added to his page.

8th April
New pics of Ethan and Indi's pups here

Lots of fun snow pics from the weekend added to the Photo Album

7th April
Drake gained his BFA Intermediate award over Easter and Teal gained her flyball dog award on her open debut. Clever cockers!! :)

Kite also gained his Graduate award. Well done Sue!

18th March
Have added some new pics of Oz and Lily's pups taken around 4 weeks old (Thanks Rach!).

17th March
Ethan became a daddy for the 3rd time over the weekend. Indi (Bryning Little Red Indian at Trevellis) whelped 6 pups - 1 blue merle girl, 2 black tri girls, 1 black/white girl and 2 black/white boys. See pedigree and pics HERE

9th March
The 'Brynings' were fairly well represented at Crufts this year...

Big 'well done' to Margaret and Macey (Bryning True Romance) for their 3rd place in the huge Junior bitch class.

Also 'Congratulations!' to Nancy Hudson and the lovely 'naughty Niamh' (Bryning Red Rascal) on their 2nd in the Large Novice Agility :-)

And also a big 'well done' to Marina Casilli with Zephyr (Bryning Bounce Right Back) on their 5th in the KC Good Citizen Pre-beginner Obedience stakes final.

Niamh and Zephyr are littermates (Mac X Molly)

We're very proud of you all!

4th March
Ethan gained his BFA Intermediate award over the weekend.

Hazell Brown's Jack (Bryning Bold Jack Donohoe - Sunny X Mercy) has received the hip score 0:0 ...perfect!! He is now the 3rd 'Bryning' pup to receive this score. :-))

29th February
New pics of Scot; now 11 months old and maturing into a very handsome young man!

24th February
New pics of Kitten

20th February
New pics of...
Squirrel, Olive, Jude and Digger

16th February
New stacked pic of Squirrel now 9 weeks old

14th February
Valentines babies!!
Lily whelped her litter by Oz this morning...4 boys and 5 girls, all black and white.
E-mail Rach if you want to know more about these pups.

12th February
Have added LOADS of new piccies to the Offspring Gallery, thanks everyone for all your lovely pics...keep them coming!

9th February
Selby College, N Yorkshire; our first flyball tournament back after a break of 3 months while we've had puppies. The Rascals were running in Division One, we were seeded 5th and that's where we came! lol Drake has just turned 18 months old so was making his open competition debut in that team running with Lexie, Frost and Mist; he ran like a little superstar and easily gained the points for his 'Flyball Dog' award and won straight out of starters. Clever Cocker! :-))

The Ravers ran in Div 2 - Storm, Dottie, Pip and Ethan; this team was seeded 4th but...we won!!

29th January
We have a new baby...and she's not a collie OR a cocker!! Squirrel

New pic on the Available page. New details added of Planned Litters

Individual pages added for the terrible twosome... Olive and Jude

7th January
A couple of new pics of Kitten

News Archive...2007

4th Nov
An exhausting but enjoyable weekend up in Scotland!

Saturday - W&PBS Champ Show
Judge - Mrs Jean Entwistle (Beesting)
Heathers' Spud, Bryning Golden Wonder at Locheil came 1st in Minor Puppy Dog (Crufts Qualified)
Ethan 4th (reserve) in Yearling Dog
Dottie 5th (VHC) in Post Graduate Bitch
Mercy 2nd in Limit Bitch
This was Mercy's first time in Limit and despite having no coat she gained her stud book number (and lifetime crufts qualification)

Sunday - Scottish Border Collie Club Champ Show
Dog Judge - Mrs Helen Broadhurst (Thistlemist)
Heathers' Spud, Bryning Golden Wonder at Locheil came 1st in Minor Puppy Dog (again!)
Scot 3rd in Minor Puppy Dog (Crufts Qualified)
Ethan 5th (VHC) in Graduate Dog

Bitch Judge - Miss Jo Ratcliffe (Grandver)
Faith 5th (VHC) in Junior Bitch
Dottie 5th (VHC) in Post Graduate Bitch
Mercy 4th (Reserve) in Mid Limit Bitch

But best of all....Mercy's mum Shirli (Rosara Va Va Voom at Locheil) won Open Bitch and the Bitch CC and best of breed!!
This is her 3rd ticket and now makes Shirli a Show Champion!

29th Oct
Here's Flynn (B. Bright Future at Trevellis) and Spark (Bryning Bright Spark) at 4 months old, taken over the weekend.
The boys are by Ethan out of Dazzle.

Flynn and Spark at 4 months old

29th Oct
Faith and her litter brother Dylan made their flyball debuts in the starters event at Markfield this weekend; they were both total stars and ran brilliantly! In a 4 dog team that also included Drake they ran the fastest time of the day with 21.21secs...not bad for babies!!

22nd Oct
After 6 weeks wait we finally have hip scores back from the BVA...
Quillan is 3:4 total 7
Drake is 3:5 total 8
Teal is 4:5 total 9

21st Oct
NWBCC Championship show
Ethan was 2nd in Yearling Dog and Mercy was 2nd in Graduate Bitch

Ethan's mum Silk (Lethans Future Focus) won the Reserve Bitch ticket too.

7th Oct
Congratulations to Heather with Spud (Bryning Golden Wonder at Locheil) on gaining Best Minor Puppy in Breed and Best Pastoral Minor Puppy at Lochaber and District Open Show today :-)

17th Sept
Dazzle and her littermates were 2 on Friday (doesn't time fly!!) have added a couple of new pics to her webpage. Sister Teal (B. Time to Shine) celebrated in style by coming 3rd in grade 1-7 combined agility over the weekend...she really is a big girl now!

Dottie obtained the last points towards her flyball ADVANCED award over the weekend too while her team (Red Rose Rascals) won division 4 at Sutton Fields with a superb time of 18.98.

Ethan; Drake and Aztec also won the starters division as the Red Rose Buds....lots of nice CSJ goodies for prizes!!

The rest of the gang all came home with rosettes with Pip and the 'Ravers' finishing 3rd in div 4; Mac and the 'Rockets' finishing 4th in div 2 and Lexie and Oz coming 3rd in div 1 with the 'Rebels'...currently standing as the 6th fastest team in the UK!

Congratulations also to Marina Casilli and Zephyr (Bryning Bounce Right Back - Mac X Molly) on receiving his BFA SILVER award this weekend!!

Congratulations to Margaret and Macey (Bryning True Romance) on their 2nd in Puppy Bitch at Darlington Champ Show. Margaret and Macey's first Champ show and they got their Crufts qualifier....well done girls! (Macey is litter sister to Faith )

13th Sept
Confirmation from the BFA that Oz has obtained his Advanced Award!

12th Sept
Confirmation from the BFA that Kite (Bryning Pearl Kite) has received his Intermediate Award at 21 months of age...not bad going! Daddy Mac also obtained the last few points he needed for his Gold this weekend!!

11th Sept
Congratulations to Nancy and (not so) Naughty Niamh (Bryning Red Rascal) on winning their last grade 5 Agility over the weekend...onwards and upwards in grade 6!!

Also congratualtions to Roger Brown and Josie (Bryning Bolt from the Blue) on their 2nd in Grade 4 jumping at the same show!

Lots of new pics added to the Agility Dogs page this week...

3rd September
Thanks to Laura for the video of my dogs running at Dundee last month :-))

Start dog Mac , 2nd dog Lexie , 3rd dog Dottie and last dog Pipit! (the dog on it's own at the end of the video is a daughter of Laura's Ghost)

Congratulations to Joy and Teal (Bryning Time to Shine) on winning grade 5 agility and coming 3rd in grade 5/6 agility combined on Saturday and winning Grade 4/5 agility combined on Sunday!! Not a bad weekend!

Mac achieved his Gold award (15,000 points) this weekend at Shackerstone.

27th August
New pic of Spark

26th August
Bryning Red Rascal (Niamh) won both the grade 5 jumping and grade 5 agility today with her handler Nancy Hudson at Bridge House Agility show. Visit the HudsonDoglets Blog to see the vids of Niamh 'doing the double'.

Another Grade 5 agility win for Becca and Teal (B. Time to Shine) at the Summer agility show too to go with the 2nd in Grade 5 jumping Joy and Teal had on Friday. :-)

Ethan, Drake and Aztec were in the winning starters team at Mottram today, they also won the Northern Bytes 'Future Stars' trophy for running the fastest and most consistent times of the day!

Scottish Kennel Club Champ Show 25th August 2007
Judge - Mr C Reed
Ethan 2nd in Yearling Dog
Faith 5th (VHC) in Junior Bitch

21st August
Bryning Ray of Sunshine (Jace) has received a hip score of 0:0, this is the second of Julie's Bryning girls to have been given this score!

18th August
Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show
Judge - Mr R Searle
Ethan - 3rd in Yearling Dog (10 entered/1 abs)
Faith - 5th VHC in Puppy Bitch (15 entered/3 abs)
Mercy - 3rd in Post Graduate Bitch (10 entered/0 abs)

A nice day out and all 3 doggies behaved themselves :-)

14th August
New pics added of Teal and Drake

Dogs In Need
Manda and Twix (B. Rise n Shine) won Grade 3/4/5 Agility winning into Grade 5...
Nancy and Niamh (B. Red Rascal) qualified for the DINAS (Genesis) Novice Final and came 3rd!
...well done again girls!!

13th August
The hounds and I went up to Dundee for a weekend of flyball where we stayed with Laura (Corrie Dhu Sheepdogs)...thanks Laura! Since we went on our own, all 4 of my current open dogs (Mac, Lexie, Dottie & Pip) ran in the same team (they are normally in 4 different teams) and were handled by borrowed handlers from other teams, they were all little stars coming 3rd and 4th in Div 2 over the weekend. Pip also gained the last points she needed for her Advanced award (5,000 points) and Lexie her Silver (10,000 points)

KC International Agility Festival
The girls were on top form again!
Teal (Bryning Time to Shine) got 3 2nds, 2 3rds and a 4th and qualified for the International young handlers final with Becca.
Twix (Bryning Rise n Shine) had 8 clears out of 9 runs with Mand and was placed in every one, she also qualified for the KC Novice Cup Final.
Niamh (Bryning Red Rascal) came 2nd in the Grade 5 Agility and also qualified for the KC Novice Cup Final in which she came 2nd!! Congratulations Nancy and to Crufts 2008!

8th August
Well, where to begin!!
Back from our hols on Anglesey, weather was perfect, dogs impeccably behaved and we had just the best time ever!

There were 12 'Brynings' competing over the week (besides mine) plus a number of youngsters there too which was lovely for me, everywhere I turned another Bryning babe!! :-)

Over the 10 days we had lots of wins and places with all the teams...

The Rebels won div 2 at both tournaments over on Anglesey

Highlights at Eastham 4th/5th August...
Ethan and his starters team-mates won the starters divsion on Sunday
Drake, Aztec (Bryning Aztec) and Dylan (Bryning Truly Magic) all ran the same time in starters singles of 4.50, not bad for babies!
Dottie gained her flyball graduate award
Lexie came second in the pairs with her Rebels team-mate Mist with a time of 8.98
Oz won the pairs with his Rebels team-mate Bailey with a time of 8.60
The Rebels team together ran the fastest time of the day and their fastest ever time with a 17.88...finally breaking that 18.00sec barrier!!
(the very astute amongst you will have noticed that their combined pairs time is 17.58 so I know we can still do better!!)
A fumbled ball from Lex and a dropped ball from Mist in the last race proved costly mistakes and cost the team 1st place in div 1...maybe next time!!

More agility news also while we were away....

30th July
Joy Costello and Teal (B. Time to Shine) won their first grade 5 agility class to win straight into grade 6!

4th August
Nancy Hudson and 'Naughty' Niamh (B. Red Rascal)won another grade 5 jumping :-))

At Aylesbury show, Becca Costello and Teal (B. Time to Shine) won grade 3-5 jumping and grade 3-5 agility, came 4th in NBC grade 1-7 Agility and also came 2nd in Grade 1-7 power and speed, only 0.2secs behind Toni Dawkins and Kite...way to go Becca and Doodle!

7th August
Joy and Teal won grade 5 jumping at Dashing Dogs.

22nd July
Although we were left home with no flyball today due to the rain :-(( the 'Brynings and friends' had a rather super day at Newlands agility show!

Teal (Bryning Time to Shine) won her last Grade 4 agility class before moving onto Grade 5; she also won the Grade 4 Helter Skelter in which sister Twix (Bryning Rise N Shine) came 3rd. Twix also came 2nd in the Grade 4 jumping...well done Joy and Manda...keep up the good work!! :-))

A fab result also for Becca Costello and the 'one eyed Wiz' on a fantastic win in grade 6 agility!! What a partnership!

Lorna Goodban and Fleet (Flynntastic Fleet Dreams, litter brother to the lovely Jaff) won the grade 5 helter skelter in which Caroline King came 5th with a gorgeous Spangle son, 'Shadow' (Canen Trick) and Nancy Hudson with the (not so) 'Naughty Niamh' (Bryning Red Rascal) got a 3rd to go with their fantastic 2nd in Grade 5 jumping and 1st in Grade 5 agility...winning them into Grade 6, a very well earned win :-))

Here's a little piccie of Niamh with her rosettes and trophies from the day...

Niamh with her Newlands rosettes...clever girlie!!

20th July
Confirmation from the BFA that Oz now has his GRADUATE award.

18th July
Laura Cunningham's Spark, aka Bryning Marble (Jaff X Spangle) has received a hip score of 2:2 :-))

15th July
We were at Wirral agility show yesterday where we saw Joy and Teal (B. Time to Shine) win the grade 4/5 Agility - Adams Derby qualifier with a superb flowing run, lovely to watch :-))

9th July
Another busy weekend...Ethan, Teal and Drake running in starters at flyball on Saturday and they came first :-)) Also well done to Sue Telfer with Kite (B. Pearl Kite) on coming out into open and gaining his flyball dog award at just 18 months old.

South Wales Kennel Association Champ Show, judge - Sue Large (Wizaland)
Dylan (B. Truly Magic) - Minor Puppy Dog - 4th (Reserve)
Faith - Minor Puppy Bitch - 2nd (Crufts Qualified for 2008)
Dottie - Post Graduate Bitch - 4th (Reserve)

18th June
Big Congratulations to Nancy and 'Naughty Niamh' (B. Red Rascal) on their first place in grade 5 jumping at Axstane; also to Mand and Twix (B. Rise N Shine) on their firsts in Grade 1-3 agility combined and Grade 3/4 agility combined!! Keep up the good work girls!!

12th June
Had to add this pic of Twix (B. Rise n Shine) with her rosettes and crystal after winning Grade 3 jumping at Thames over the weekend and her haul of seconds from Supadogs the previous week! Doesn't she look pleased with herself!

8th June
Little Indy (B. Indian Lark) is settling into her new home with Hazel & Letty and the other dogs she is showing off her new moves (Scot...we have a lot of work to do son!!)

3rd June
Congratulations to Joy Costello and Teal (B. Time to Shine) on their agility wins over the weekend...winning into grade 5 and qualifying for the Olympia Novice Semi-Finals!

25th May
Hurray!! The fields have finally been cut and silaged so the whole gang spent two hours enjoying a romp in the fields at home today...adults and pups alike!
(the reason this video starts a bit 'shakey' is because I was sitting in the grass being eaten by naughty puppies!!)

11th May
Little Wren (B. Goldfinch) is settling into her new home with 'big sis' Teal (B. Time to Shine) very well...

7th May
Well done to Lynn Draper with CoCo (B. Toffee Fudge) on passing her search and rescue dog assessment over the bank holiday weekend...a lot of hard work for both dog and handler.

6th May
Flyball Intermediate Awards for Oz and Dottie and a Graduate for Pipit

Another win for Joy and Teal (B. Time to Shine) at Shrewsbury agility show on Saturday and a win in grade 3 agility for Mand and Twix (B. Rise n Shine) at Vyne today so she'll now be joining her sister in grade 4! Well done girls!

11th April
Had to add this pic of Teal (Bryning Time to Shine) with her rosette tally after her first two agility shows. Teal won into grade 4 over the Easter weekend with five grade 3 wins in jumping and agility classes (as well as two 2nds and a 3rd)...what a clever doodle!! Sister Twix (Bryning Rise n Shine) also went clear to come 6th in a large grade 3 class and other sister Jace (Bryning Ray of Sunshine) won their division in flyball over the weekend too!!

Clever Doodle!!

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